‘Help me Obi Wan Kanobi you’re my only hope

Now I’m no Sci-Fi geek but as a kid I do remember very vividly a scene in Star Wars, the original classic film and not the lame new version(s), where a clearly bored Alec Guinness (Obi Wan Kanobi) and Luke Skywalker view a hologram from Princess Leia, where she utters the immortal headline as above? Well, seeing is now definitely believing – enter the world of Holo™.

Holo™ is a unique piece of tech design, which transfers images, videos and animations from a flat surface into a large floating 360º space with compelling detail and surround sound.

It was invented and is managed By London based innovation company Beagle Media and designed by the iconic Conran Studio. It was showcased to Sniffer Media last week at Sir Terence Conran’s private apartment close to Tower Bridge by Beagle founder and former Channel 4 news presenter, Harry Anscombe.

It is as impressive as it sounds and looks. Giving superb clarity and interactivity with the user, it might just be the future of cool presentations and mass digital communication . It is built from a small set of key components so it can be assembled easily and is reliable to use. Holo’s casing can be built from premium brushed aluminium or a bespoke material to give a unique finish. These include zinc, copper and hardwood. The technology is hidden within.

Holo™ is specially designed to be light and compact. A flight case can be included so would be perfect for the F1 team that thought it had everything!

The image is High Definition and is bright enough to view in a low lit room. Content is simply played out in real time from a tablet. It can be paused, rewound and forwarded using finger drag. Existing client images, logos and films can be processed to work in Holo™ making it a unique piece of kit that would be invaluable to many progressive and leading edge industries.

Beagle has partnered with a team of leading Hollywood animators to provide bespoke hologram content packages. A personal Beagle Consultant will work with clients to provide a range of hologram ideas throughout their Holo tenure.

So if you do see a kneeling Carrie Fisher begging for help in a motorsport paddock in the future, don’t be too alarmed!


Holo is ideally suited to:

• Property developments, architectural designs & floor plans

• Consumer products

• Technological and engineering designs

• Brand logos

• Animated characters

• Live sporting events

For more information please contact Sam on sniffermedia@gmail.com


And see for yourself – http://www.beagleholo.com/

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