“What the f*** is Ronnie Biggs doing in our shower?

Remembering a very amusing story starring the recently deceased Ronnie Biggs and former Tyrrell and Lotus F1 driver Julian Bailey. The following is taken from an interview I conducted with Julian in 2008.

JB: “We were in Rio for a tyre test in 1988 and I was sharing a hotel room with my brother. I came home after being at the track and went to get in the bathroom but couldn’t. Something was leaning against the door. I peered in and could see that a bloke had collapsed and was jamming the door.

“I looked closer and thought ‘He looks like Ronnie Biggs,’. Then I saw it was Ronnie Biggs.

“Bloody hell I thought, “What the f*** is Ronnie Biggs doing in our shower? Then I thought ‘What the f*** is Ronnie Biggs doing collapsed in our shower?’

“Then I said to my brother: “We’d better get out of Brazil if Ronnie Biggs is dead in our shower.
Anyway, all was well that ended well and he lived to drink another day!”

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