PR Service

Sniffer Media will deliver public relations strategies that are detailed, vibrant and highly original.

Using compact and dedicated methods, Sniffer Media offers a no-nonsense, straight talking strategy to get corporate messages directly to large audiences, with immediate results.

Motorsport series, teams and drivers come to us because they know that the level of expertise that is offered is second to none.

From major constructors to the latest talent in single-seaters, Sniffer Media have executed exhilarating campaigns with spectacular outcomes.

We channel the competitiveness of motorsport to create PR and media solutions to forward thinking companies. Sniffer Media incorporates all the components of marketing to provide industry access to its clients.

2010 Lola at Le Mans Media Guide written/produced by Sniffer

2 Responses to PR Service

  1. Brambles says:

    Like it mate. Very impressive.
    You forgot your stuffed seagull transportation services …
    ps. Seeing Dickie this weekend in Manchester. Will start drinking at 2pm, then off to the Swansea match later, followed by more drinking in the evening. Recipe for Dickie disaster

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