Who likes Sniffer?

“I have worked with Sam on a number of occasions and known him over many years.  He is exceptionally talented in marketing communications, working to tight deadlines, with a broad remit and almost inevitably with no leeway on budget.  Good at his job, and popular with stakeholders, Sam has always been a pleasure to deal with.”   Mark Gallagher, Owner of Status Grand Prix

“Sam is that rare thing: both a complete pleasure to work for and a huge creative talent. He has this way of combining fresh and original ideas with his quite unique knowledge of and passion for the motor racing sector. When we worked together it was this combination that led to many major international media successes. I would work with him again without hesitation.” Harry Anscombe, MD at Beagle Media/Channel 4 News presenter

“I had the pleasure of working with Sam during his time at Lola, Sam was always very pro-active looking into every angle to get Lola’s message out there and I was very impressed in the way in which he developed a strong relationship with the various media outlets, who often gave back that little extra exposure to Lola as a result of Sam’s persistence!  Guy Smith, Le Mans 24 Hours winner

“Sam was a committed, efficient and trusted communications manager. From the media’s point of view, he was always helpful and accommodating, and if I made a request he would answer promptly and would always give a useful answer to any query. Before he arrived at Lola, the company was lacking in its communication abilities with the outside world. Sam changed that very quickly. He became one of the best in his field over the years and his loyalty to Lola was also obvious and very admirable. Sam also happens to be a popular and well-regarded man in the sport.”  Damien Smith, Editor of Motor Sport magazine


3 Responses to Who likes Sniffer?

  1. Ted Downing says:

    I am the very proud Grandfather of Sam, as early at the age of 5 i was amazed that he could name every Car that passed by, incredible, and his bedroom was like the tate gallery of motor racing and car magazines, stacked wall to wall.

  2. Colin Morgan says:

    Yeh…I know Sam!
    He’s alright.

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